7 Hottest Homeware Trends To Follow In 2023

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As we recover from the festive period, it’s only natural that we start looking ahead. To Spring, to our work, and to all the exciting things happening in the world of art and design. The spaces we inhabit – our homes, offices and gardens – are no exception. In terms of home décor, 2016 is a time of contrasts, minimalism, and experimentation. Join us as we look at some of the most exciting homeware trends of 2016 to take inspiration from!

1. Embrace The Outdoors

Outdoorsy Middle Eastern touch to soft furnishing

Wood textures. Soft, earthy tones. Artistic, flowing shapes and patterns. The ‘natural’ trend in homeware has been on for some time. However, 2016 will redefine our indoors relationship with the great outdoors. Refined and considered, home interiors will strike a balance between natural and minimal, a much-needed intermediate between the ultra-modern and log cabin aesthetics of previous years.

2. The Scandinavians Are Cool

Nordic style living in monochrome

The Scandinavians (and Icelanders!) have always been cool. But only in recent years has the world really realised this fact. Combining a natural, elemental heritage with sophisticated, minimalistic design standards, Scandinavian chic has never been more popular. Filling our homes with Norse-inspired textures, colours and materials channels a sense of ‘hiraeth’ – a sense of melancholy homesickness for faraway places and naturalistic yet stylish environments.

3. Motley Kitchens

Fancy acrylic stool with comely cabinet style kitchen

Designers are quickly realising monotone-white, ultra-modern kitchens are a somewhat sterile, unadventurous fad. Accented worktops and contrasting styles, colours and materials are sure to see 2016’s kitchens as the most individual, homely and striking yet.

4. Smart Minimal Bathrooms

Unique minimal bathroom design

Out goes the large, space-hogging baths and clunky storage units. In comes the open wall-mounted shelving and intelligent toilets. With auto-flushing and heated flooring, our bathrooms will be one place in our homes where we’ll be embracing technology. Whites, blacks and grays will also dominate the bathrooms of 2016, giving a minimal, sophisticated edge to your home.

5. Power Of Geometry

Concurrent concrete tile
Concurrent concrete tile

Geometric patterns may inspire thoughts of technology, science and futurism, but these patterns are often found in nature. From snowflakes to beehive cells, geometry is all-prevalent. From geometric tiles to the likes of our very own cubistic porcelain range, geometric patterns fit in fantastically with both natural and ultra-modern home aesthetics alike.

6. Whimsical Décor

Lighting Fixtures that look like helium balloons

Our homes – previously rigid, carefully decorated places filled with matching furniture and matching colours – are now organic, free-flowing spaces for creativity and personality to be expressed. Whether it’s lights in the shape of floating balloons or bold, playful colour accents, 2016 will see our homes with an added dash of artistic whimsy.

7. ‘Back To Basics’ Living Rooms

Keep the focus away from distracting electronic

As technology and materialism cause our lives to become busier, more complex and, often, more stressful, homeware will reflect a strong desire to simplify our lives. With minimal furniture, natural colours and textures, and, importantly, a strong absence of technology, our living rooms will start to symbolise a sort of sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of our busy modern lives.

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