Czech Tableware Designer Svetlana Ciglerova | Lauriger

Svetlana Ciglerová had a vision – to bring the tradition of Czech Cubism to the world of 21st century fine art. Graduating with an architecture degree from Czech Technical University, she decided to pursue her creative dreams designing contemporary dinnerware. Fusing tradition with technology, her style is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Using digital design and 3D printing, she hand-crafts each item with local Czech processes and materials. This bridge between the past and the future is integral to her work.

Can you tell us about your inspirations in creating the Lilia Collection?

I’ve always been inspired by geometry. When I created the Lilia collection, I wanted to take the important elements of Cubism – beautiful geometric patterns and complex shapes – and fuse them with the natural beauty of the lily flower. Achieving that contrast was very important.

Why did you decide to work with porcelain?

I was at a local art fair in Prague, trying to find some inspiration, and I started talking to a local porcelain manufacturer. He suggested that I use his factory (in Dubi u Teplic). I knew that the quality of Czech porcelain is very high, and that it would be flexible enough for the Lilia collection, so we agreed to collaborate

What makes the Lilia Collection unique?

As a designer, it isn’t the individual design of each piece that makes the collection unique. It’s how each bowl, cup or plate connects together seamlessly, creating an infinite amount of unique patterns and compositions. That, to me, is the beauty of Czech Cubism, and geometry in general, and it was vital that I capture that beauty.

What motivated you to use white for your entire collection?

White is minimalistic, and allows the focus to be on the form. When the geometry of the collection is the focal point, that minimalism becomes vital.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Being able to create things that are both beautiful and useful to people around the world. That’s awe-inspiring. When I meet someone who shows interest in my products, it’s like meeting a friend with shared tastes and interests. I love that.

What are you creatively inspired by at the moment?

As a trained architect, architecture is clearly a big inspiration in my life. Czech Cubism is the obvious manifestation of that. To me, design and architecture are interconnected; like great architects of the past, I believe it’s vital to be able to pay attention to the smallest details – down to the door handles. The colours, forms and textures of nature also play a major part in my work.

What does Czech quality and craftsmanship mean to you? How do you reflect that in your work?

I’m very proud of our heritage in the Czech Republic. It seems poetic that Czech porcelain is so well known for its quality – it was such a perfect fit. I think that we only reached such high standards with a spirit of innovation and self-improvement. I hope, through combining tradition and technology, my work reflects that.