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Producing the Lilia Collection

Porcelain Production: A Process of Perfection

In the Czech town of Dubí u Teplic, a small factory has been producing world-renowned porcelain for over 300 years, and has been a hub of craftsmanship for artists across the Czech Republic.

Now, designer Svetlana Ciglerova joins their ranks. Over the last 3 years, she has been honing her ‘Lilia Collection’ to perfection.

Out of the Flames, Into The Furnace

From the drawing board to the furnace, the process of production is truly exhaustive.

Molds – created using a 3D-printed model – can only be used every few hours, as they are slowly soaked in water to cool. These molds form the vital outline for the porcelain’s final form.

The porcelain itself is fired three times. First at 800 Celsius, then finally at 1420 Celsius – after being glazed and air-dried. In between, it is cooled slowly, and hand-retouched to ensure each piece retains its flawless shape and quality.

Svetlana Ciglerova chose local porcelain producers very specifically; Czech porcelain production is of the utmost quality. More importantly, staying local allows her to maintain an unrivalled attention to detail throughout the entire process.

It is the combination of these traditional techniques with technology – including digital design and 3D printing – that sets Svetlana’s work apart as truly exceptional.

Svetlana is embracing her creative heritage, and bringing the exciting innovations of the 21st century to the table in the process.