MAISON&OBJET PARIS. It’s the trade show that attracts flocks of interior designers, decorators, and lifestyle specialists. It’s also where new products are revealed from some of the greatest brands in the world. Interested? Keep reading for our top pick of interior design and décor collections that have launched in January and that should be on your radar in 2016.

Macramé by Nason Moretti (Italy)

Nason & Moretti – a leading Venetian glass producer – is famous for pleasing those who are not easily pleased. As such, their new collection – Macramé – achieves precisely that. Elegant and timeless, Macramé is inspired by the elegant form of French cognac glasses, and introduces 14 vibrant, exciting colours.

Why will it be a cult hit in 2016? The Macramé collection is noted for “balloton”, a texture in the glass that manipulates light in an unusual (yet beautiful) manner. We love the periwinkle blue, ruby and violet colours. Let them shine in your home and it will be clear that fine Murano masters have touched the space.

Macramè by Nason Moretti

Macramé by Nason Moretti

Micromegas by Daniel Libeskind for Loloey (Italy)

The new Daniel Libeskind for Loloey rugs collection has just been launched at MAISON&OBJET PARIS. The handmade collection takes inspiration from famous architectural works such as commercial complex Kö-Bogen or the `King’s Bow’ in Düsseldorf, Germany. By nature, the collection is ambitious.

Why will it be a cult hit in 2016? Daniel Libeskind’s Kö-Bogen is described as “the world’s best urban building”. Interestingly, the rug collection is noted for its disorder and arbitrariness, which has its own logic only an owner of these silk rugs would understand. At Lauriger, we do, too.

Micromegas by Daniel Libeskind

Micromegas by Daniel Libeskind

Design Moser 2016 by Moser (Czech Republic)

For fine art lovers, Moser has created a limited edition of layered vases, which are impeccably engraved with the motives of renowned artists – Caravaggio, Sandro Botticelli and Vermeer van Delft.

Made in 1596, ‘The Lute Player’ is a famous painting by the Italian baroque painter, Caravaggio. Detailed and elaborate, Moser’s engravings are a testament to the masterly artwork of renowned engraver – Milan Holubek.

Why will it be a cult hit in 2016? Behind the work of Moser’s excellent glassmakers is not simply their stunning craftsmanship, but their determination to create near-impossible works of art. Design Moser 2016 is all about the pinnacles of imagination and hard work. You will hardly find anything more special.

Lute Player by Milan Holoubek

Lute Player by Milan Holoubek

Turtle Double Old Fashioned by Artel (Czech Republic)

Each Spring and Fall, Artel introduces a new collection of handcrafted Bohemian crystal glassware. This time, their double old fashioned tumblers, which already feature a host of natural motifs – the arctic fisherman, polar bear or gilded birds -has a new motif – the turtle, which comes in an unusual taupe colour.

Why will it be a cult hit in 2016? Because it combines Karen Feldman’s design acumen and an unusual, eye-catching design. At Lauriger, we value a bit of eccentricity and ‘out the box’ thinking. When it comes to Artel’s new old fashioned tumbler motif, we think you will, too.

Turtle Double Old Fashioned

Turtle Double Old Fashioned

Casa Pop by Company Raj (India)

Casa Pop have chosen MAISON&OBJET PARIS to launch their newest collection – created by India’s leading interior design duo; Raseel and Navin Ansal. Juxtaposing a heritage in art with contemporary vision, the Ansals offer a whimsical, imaginative home collection inspired by both Paris and India. This shared history manifests itself into stunning pieces of wall art, tableware, home accessories and soft furnishings.

Why will it be a cult hit in 2016? Collectors and interior decoration professionals alike will love pieces from this collection for their stunning historical motifs, which combine vibrant, natural colours with the opulence and extravagance of Imperial India.


Crockery - Company Raj

Crockery – Company Raj

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